Grease Trap

A clog isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Nope. That’d be the fines.

When the grease and oils being flushed down your drains go unchecked, the clog that shuts down your kitchen (or floods it) isn’t all that disrupts your diners. The fines are what do it. Massive fines for being out of compliance with local, state and federal regulations and allowing fats to filter into municipal lines.

We’ll take care of the grease, scale, silt and debris of all kinds that are piped from your sinks, dishwashers and floor drains into your interceptor. Because if you only take care of the grease that floats to the top of your trap, you’re not taking care of the problem.

Midwest Grease eliminates the worry by eliminating the grease.

Preventative Maintenance: The way it works

  • Vacuum-pumping cleans the entire trap—from the solids on the bottom to the grease on top
  • Our experienced technicians will inspect your trap for any wear and tear and recommend necessary repairs
  • After each service we leave behind a work completion report meeting regulatory guidelines
  • You avoid the damage and downtime of system failure when your trap is service on a regular basis
  • You get to feel good knowing your grease is disposed of responsibly at a licensed facility
  • Recommended automated scheduled cleanings to remove the worry of scheduling your next grease trap cleaning
In addition, jetting service is also available:

  • High-pressure water forces out grease deposits to eliminate the problem of clogged drains

Schedule a grease trap cleaning. And end the worry about backups and overflow.