You have grease. And then you don’t. That’s pretty much how it works.

You don’t want to know how our restaurant grease management equipment works, you just want to know that it does. And all you really need to know beyond that is how to Get Started.

Midwest Grease eliminates the worry by eliminating the grease.

Restaurant grease collection

We offer options, and we offer the best.

Our waste oil containers

Call us for fast pick up and we’ll stay out of your way.

  • Disposal made easy
  • Environmentally secure collection containers
  • Different size containers to fit your recycling area
Restaurant grease collection

Our waste oil tanks

Tanks can be modified to be used as Direct-Plumbed®, Pump Station, or Caddy System.

Direct-Plumbed® – the most complete, labor-saving solution out there, and the best option for fryers that have Direct-Plumbed® capabilities.

  • Indoor Tanks
  • Outdoor Tanks
  • Indoor Tank w/Remote Control
  • Improves waste oil value
Direct-Plumbed® for restaurant grease collection

Our waste oil pump station

Utilizing a hose-and-suction system, this wall-mounted station is a great option for fryers without Direct-Plumbed® capabilities.

  • Indoor Tanks
  • Indoor Tank with Remote Control
  • Outdoor Tanks
  • Outdoor Tank with Remote Control
  • Waste oil is pumped from your fryer using the wand to the containment tank
  • The pump and plumbing are protected from fryer debris by a permanent strainer
  • A control system manages pump operation
  • Improves waste oil value
  • You save money and increase employee safety
Pump Station for restaurant grease collection

Our Grease Caddy System

If you’ve got older fryer equipment or a smaller budget, this system is simply your best bet. This is the most economical way to transfer cooking oil to your containment tank, while still saving time, labor and mess.

  • Indoor Tanks
  • Outdoor Tanks
  • Indoor Tank with Remote Inlet
  • Minimal or no handling of waste
  • Meets space requirements of small store layouts
  • Increases employee safety
  • Improves waste oil value
Grease Caddy system for restaurant grease collection